Payslip info

hi thank you for the wonderful updates and great upgrades

i do have a problem with the payslips
the following are required to show on all my payslips
but currently i an shoving it all into the address bar and the employee number shares a box with the employees name

PAYROLL DATE:_____________________
EMPLOYEE NUMBER:_______ NAME:_________________ ID NUMBER:______________________________
LEAVE BALANCE:____________________________
PAY RATE:_____________ JOB description:________________________ DATE JOINED:_______________________________

while were at it, id like to add the staff members banking details to their profiles as well

Why not use Employee custom fields?

See here Use custom fields

I did try but the custom fields leave the information on the bottom of the page
i need it on top of the page with the name

I need it something like this

Using a custom theme, you can move the fields around

I’m not sure that having the information at the bottom matters all that much - sure, it might look better but does that really matter to you and/or your employee. As long as the information is presented correctly, does anyone really care?