Partial receipt not working

We have been trying since yesterday to make an invoice say $550 and receive down payment of $200, Account Receivable suppose to show remaining balance $250, however when you see the A/C Rec, it’s showing full $550 which is incorrect. We are using server licensed version.

Also a strange thing it’s taking the receipt to the Retained Earnings, which should not be the case.

Kindly advise ASAP.

Did you follow this process?

  1. Create the Sales invoice for $550
  2. View the Sales Invoice and hit the Receive Money button.
  3. Change the payment amount to $200, and Create the deposit.

This should leave you with the Balance Due of $350 showing correctly in A/R.

If this did not work as expected, can you make sure you are on the latest version of Manager.

To Retained Earning or Suspense - under Retained Earning.
If Suspense then in the Receive Money on the Account line you haven’t entered AR + Customer + Invoice

@Zark yes same, having latest version.

1 more thing tried and was successful, the item which were linked once removed all things okay!

@Brucanna RE, once above done, the amount was $550 (as revenue).

So did you manage to resolve this issue? If not, post some screenshots which are to prove that transactions have been in fact recorded correctly.