P&L using Custom Field


Is there a way to create P&L Report using custom field?

My requirement is to create P&L Report based on Sales Representative.

This is to know how much profit did a sales person make on 1 order. (Cost and Sales)

Can we have a custom field tab next to Tracking Code in the P&L Report?


I understand that Tracking Code works because we pick the tracking code on both Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice and that’s how we can create P&L based on Tracking Code.

How can i do the same in case of Sales person. As Tracking Code lets us pick only one item.

For eg: we have Tracking Code for our Products. So we can create P&L Report based on Product we sell.

Similarly, i want each Purchase and Sales Invoice to have one more option to pick the Sales Representative in order to create P&L based on Sales person.

Hope i am clear enough in explaining my requirement.

Await a quick response on any possibility.


Think through your request a little bit further. How will you calculate net profit on a single order? Profit depends on much more than than selling price and cost of goods. Those figures are easily obtainable in Manager for inventory items. But what happens when you sell services or non-inventory items? And how do you allocate all your other expenses to a single invoice? What about overhead costs?


We need the gross profit (Cost - Sales)

P&L lets me do that and Tracking code refines my report further.

With the help of Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field, we derive the Sales made by Sales person.

However, it would be great to have a similar feature in Purchase Invoice as well and that would get us the gross profit using custom field.

Hello Any Update?
To make my requirement simple
All we need is a simple way to find out the gross sales profit done by individual sales guys.

As gross profit is the industry standard on which incentives are calculated to sales guys.
We haven been requesting a Sales Invoice Gross profit based on inventory for ages !
Had that feature too been implemented it would have been easier for us to calculate the inventory gross profit based on individual invoices a sales guy has generated

Looking forward to a workaround.

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Have you explored using the new custom reporting under the Reports tab ?

Not from me. I am not the developer. I am a forum moderator. Eight months ago, you originally asked for a P&L statement by custom field. I explained why that was impractical. You then suggested that a report of purchase invoice totals by custom field would allow you to calculate gross profit by sales person. However, it would not, because purchase invoices would not normally be annotated with the name of the sales person who eventually sells the goods. And cost of goods sold varies with the average cost in inventory at time of sale, taking into account previous purchases.

The only circumstance under which it would work would be when all your purchases were made exclusively in support of specific sales invoices. It is possible that is your situation, but for most businesses it is not. So a general report as you describe cannot be produced. So this remains an impractical concept.

This might be true for your business and industry, but a more common commission base worldwide is gross sales.

I don’t see a way this would help with what @Sarika wants, because gross profit is not a variable stored for transactions. And custom reports will not perform calculations, only report data already present.

@sarika, I think you must accept that what you want is a specialized calculation that will not be supported in a general accounting package. This is especially true for an accounting system like Manager that relies on average cost of inventory to determine cost of goods sold.

Correct, but they might (?) be able to generate a custom report which lists the sales invoices per salesperson and the related COGS for those sales invoices, then they can calculate the gross profit between the two.

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