Tracking codes for Customers and Invoice

I want to create the customers P&L statement so for that purpose I had to select tracking codes for each item in the sales invoice which is time consuming. If tracking code can be assigned to customers or whole sales invoice than it would be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance…

Does P&L make sense for single customer? I mean customer will always have mostly income and will completely miss expense side as operating expenses are not allocated to specific customers. So what’s the point?

Actually I want to see and compare the profit margin earned from different customers in specific period of time and you are right that customer will always have income. But I want to track the profit margin of customers or invoices.

Invoices do not contain the information necessary for calculating profit margin. They only show invoiced price, not underlying cost. But you should be able to do what you want using tracking codes if you assign one to each customer. The Profit & Loss statement can then be used to break things out. This is not much different from multiple divisions or cost centers.

Are you using inventory? Because the only report which is possible would be inventory profit margin per customer. Manager has the data to calculate that.

If you are not using inventory, how do you imagine this report should work? Should it take percentage from each expense category based on how much you have sold to customer? This could work but I’ve never heard of this before.

Yes, of course I am using inventory items. and I want the inventory profit margin per customer. How can I calculate that ?

Does Manager support this?

I don’t know why it wouldn’t. See the Guide at Guides | Manager.

This will mean an extra step of creating a new tracking code whenever you create a new customer, and the P&L statement that results may be cumbersome, but it should work.

There is no option to allocate tracking code to customers.

The tracking code is entered against each transaction. Please understand, I’m not advocating this course of action, because I believe it would be cumbersome and prone to mistakes and omissions. I merely said it should work. When you create a new customer, there is also a field for Code. You might also be able to use this for sorting and exporting of various account listings. I’ve never tried to do what you are requesting, so I can only suggest some possibilities. Others may know of different approaches.