Sales from multiple salespersons

Firstly let me just say that this software is a godsend! Its user friendly and easy to understand for a starter like me. I apologise if this question has been asked prior to this, but please bear with me. I have a company which deals with printer consumables and I have several sales persons. Is there a way for me to enter the sales based on each person in order for me to see their performance?

By end of this month, new feature called Tracking codes will be released.

This will allow you slice and dice your business figures so you will be able to get profit & loss and other reports by division (in your case by sales person).

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Thank you so much Lubos!

Also, how would i check the profit made for each customer? For example I have generated the sales invoice for customer A and I have selected the item from sales invoice, so at the end of a period I would like to calculate the profit made. Please advise.

Truly appreciate your great work :smile:


How to use tracking codes to find out the amount of sales done by particular salesman. I’m able to create sales invoice with tracking codes. But don’t know where and how to great sales report for particular salesman.

My own solution is:
Create as many as accounts under income category.
If you have 12 salesmen, then create 12 accounts for each person under income category.
If salesman-4 makes any sales, i will select the product, description and under account selection I select his particular account. So, i can see his sales in details.

This will simply makes the ledger headings more. :frowning:

Exactly - don’t create income account for each salesman.

Look under Reports, then Profit & Loss Statement. This report will allow you to show income/expense amounts by tracking code. You can even add unlimited comparative columns which means you can create report which will compare sales of each salesman side-by-side.


Thank you… :smile:

Is there a possibility to evolve salesperson reporting (for employees created in the employees tab) into P&L (at least sales and costs of sales) by salesperson report?

This will leave out use of tracking code for cost center or project tracking which is its intended main purpose and since the employee is already created in HR list, then why not use same dimension for sales and cost of sales reporting?


Currently the recommended way to track sales linked to a sales person is with custom fields.

You can use one of the newer reports to generate a report of invoices based on a custom field (e.g. divided up by sales person). However, this won’t be linked to the Employees tab, so you won’t be able to see the ‘cost of sales’ / wages for each, in the same report. To achieve this, you will need to build a custom report in Excel.

The guides can assist you with creating a custom field: Guides | Manager