Inventory Sale and Inventroy Cost in one Report (Profit and Loss Invoice wise)


How can i generate P&L Report Sales Invoice wise.

I have to generate monthly P&L Report.

It will be very helpful if I could generate P&L for Individual Sales Invoice or for a set period.

Right now i am getting my work down using the Inventory Sales Tab (from P&L Report) exporting to excel then exporting the Inventory Cost Tab (from P&L Report) and manually typing the Inventory Cost against the Inventory Sales in excel to know the P&L Sales Invoice wise.

It will be very helpful to automate this process.


You can already generate a P&L for any period you define under Reports.

I am guessing that what you refer to when you describe a P&L for an individual sales invoice is really project accounting. Manager does not have that capability yet. It is complex to do in any meaningful way because it is difficult to properly allocate expenses such as rent, utilities, fringe benefits, etc., across multiple projects. It is common to add those types of overhead and general and administrative expenses to base labor rates and/or material costs as percentages. But even when it is done, it is frequently done in a separate project accounting program, not the business’ main accounting records.

When you describe using only inventory sales and inventory cost figures, that really isn’t a profit and loss statement. If I understand what you mean, it is a calculation of gross margin on inventory sales. That’s what you get with the Inventory Profit Margin report. You might look at what information you can recover from that report with clever definition of time frames and by drilling down on appropriate figures within it.

Hi @Tut

Thanks for the detailed explanation regarding my request.

However, I want to simplify on that and request for a feature where in, in the Sales Invoice List itself i get the tab / column / section of the **profit or loss earned for that particular Sales Invoice

Somewhere next to the Status

For the reasons I explained 11 months ago, you are not going to be able to get what you want. Profit and loss on a single sales invoice is not something that can typically be calculated, in any business. A sales invoice simply establishes the obligation for payment by the customer. It is not linked to general expense accounts.