Specific Profitability


Is it possible through custom reports to show profitability per salesman? we have custom field dropdown list named salesman (in sales invoices) and every invoice has to be assigned to one salesman.

Something simple that does not include any expenses, salaries, etc. Just sales invoices profitability according to salesman selected in custom field.

The answer is probably no. But you need to define profitability. You already said you don’t want to consider expenses. But that is what profitability is, income less expenses.

So basically you want revenues divided by salesman? Why don’t you use “Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field”?

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Then its not profitability, it should be products’ gross profit (Product sales - Product COS) that I need to know but for products included in specific invoices (the ones with salesman xyz).

Is this possible?

We use this to calculate sales bonus at the end of the month, what am looking for is gross profit of products sold in sales invoices defined by a custom field.

Have you considered using divisions, one for each salesperson? Then you could create division-specific P&L reports each month.

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I thought about that, I know how to create divisions, but then I have to add the division to every line item in sales invoices for it to include all sales of a salesperson, right? or there is a easier way to add divisions.

There is no easier way to add divisions unless your sales invoices are always a single line. Then, you could use Form Defaults.

Or, come to think of it, you could predefine multiple lines under Form Defaults, but then you would have to delete the ones you don’t use.

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