Overall Statement of daily transaction & Re-Order quantity

About Manager, it is my opinion, it is one of best Accounting Software I have ever seen. It has almost all the solution required by a business. I am really impressed by especially the "Summary Page". In here, I can see the current performance of my company’s status at any given time.

  1. However, I feel, it is lacking a feature of daily statement of overall payment & receipt. Or, else, possibly, I do not know how to get such a report. What I am talking about is an overall daily payment/receipt statement compromising of the day transaction of cash payment/receipts, bank payment/receipt, journal entries, Sales & Purchase. Since, I have assigned different staff to handle posting of each item, so, I want to know if it is possible to get an overall daily statement of all transaction. Then, as a boss, it will be easy for me to check the overall daily transaction status at a glance. In case not, is there possibility to add such a feature. I believe it will be a great feature and very helpful for all business executives who would like to see the day to day overall transaction in a single daily statement report

Please advise.

  1. In the recent forum posting, I had read some discussion going on about “Re-Order” quantity in inventory item. And there was an information from Manager, the feature was under construction and may be available in near future. So, may I know the current status of aforesaid feature.

Thanks a lot…

Check the various cash summary reports to see if they meet your needs. Also look at the General Ledger Transactions report.

As for re-order quantity notification, that does not exist at this time. Schedules for future features are seldom released.

Cash summary reports only reflect cash transaction, so it is not overall payment/receipt/sales/purchase statement. So, it’s not workable.

However, General ledger transactions report more likely can serve purpose to a certain extent only if it could show (indicate) the sources of transaction like

  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Journal
  • Sale
  • Purchase

It will be very helpful too if the report could show the Cash opening & closing balance. Is it possible to add the above transaction source information and cash opening/closing balance

This is not true. The Cash Summary reports all inflows and outflows, including those that pass through Accounts receivable and Accounts payable by way of sales and purchase invoices.

Have you looked at exporting the Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions tab lists? Or the transaction lists for various bank and cash accounts?

This is already shown in the summary of the report at the bottom:

Ultimately, most accountants and business managers find the information on accounts more useful than than the particular source of transactions. Regardless, that information is available.