Feature Request

Hello there.
most of our clients want…err … Demand… monthly, quarterly periodic summary.

Its is a Painfully tedious task to maintain summary per customer per transaction.

The present Customer-Wise report generation of manager isnt very useful for anything.

I think most would highly appreciate/benefit with a customer report summarizing a lot more information.

Your spreadsheet is just presentation of data already contained in the sales invoices in a different format.

In Manager, you have two choices if your customers cannot keep track of invoices:

  • The customer statement (transactions type)
  • A custom report

Neither will exactly match your format.


Exactly what my request is.
As customer statement transaction type jus gives Invoice number and Receipt number… very basic IMO.

For customer statement, along with transaction type, there should be something like - mini summary type.

Or in the customers tab
Upon clicking the customer outstanding balance
The current view gives
Date | Transaction | Inv No. | Description | Contact | Amount | Balance.

Instead of Contact and Description if this view hd something like my spreadsheet, I could simply ctrl+p and print it.

Custom reports just don’t work.

This summary is available in many ERP softwares out there. But they suck at other things.
So Its a feature request.


Yes they do.

Manager makes no pretense of being an ERP program. Many users appreciate it for its simplicity, not its endless options.

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Make sure you’re running the latest version of Manager, downloaded from this website (manager.io), to get the latest version of custom reports. There is now a visual editor to construct the queries… perhaps you’re still seeing the older method of typing in a query directly.