Cash Book and Bank book under report

Cash Book and Bank book under report is very important i thinks.
is there any plan to update?

What are you referring to? Manager has no features named Cash Book or Bank book. If you are asking about an update, there must be some existing report you think needs updating.

Use the General Ledger Transactions Report

You may have to setup custom control accounts to separate out individual accounts

Or use the copy to clipboard function in the Bank & Cash Accounts tab

As you know, for a financial statements first transaction is cash/bank book or daily book, then GL, TB and FS etc. Under the reporting module there no feature for such daily book where cash and bank module’s details can be mapped. So in reporting feature should be included as daily book.


According to your profile, you are an accountant. So you should know that transactions are not statements. The four principal financial statements are (1) balance sheet, (2) profit and loss statement, (3) cash flow statement, (4) statement of changes in equity (or some equivalent, depending on form of organization). Manager already provides all of these, in accrual or cash basis.

The general ledger is not a financial statement. Nevertheless, Manager has a General Ledger Transactions report.

A trial balance is also not a financial statement for external consumption. But Manager provides one.

And you have not said what you mean by a cash/bank book or daily book. But a General Ledger Transactions report for a cash or bank control account would provide a record of daily receipts and payments. If you think something else is needed, you should define it in detail and explain why you think the standard reports already available are not suitable for your purpose.

i think he is referring to the format in the balance sheet reporting. we can only see total cash at bank in the current format. whereas the total cash at bank is actually a combination of cash in bank and cash in hand.

If you setup the proper control accounts for the bank and cash accounts they will show correctly in the balance sheet.