Receipt & Payment should be placed together

Thanks for this nice accounting software.
It is being better & better day by day. Keep it up.

But, It has been good when receipt & payment section were stayed together. Now, I need to view two different options for day wise receipt & payment details. And also there is no way to create detailed receipt & payment status report from the reports section.

I am suggesting you to keep them together as before so that we can view receipt & payment status at the same screen.


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If you click on the balance of the account you will see the receipts and payments on the same screen.

Thanks for your reply.
But, In that case I only be able to see records for cash account or any bank account individually.
Previously we were able to view all kinds of receipts & payments (of all accounts) details at the same screen. I think that was better than now.

Just click on bank and cash accounts and that to the account balance you will like to go through. You will not see only receipt and payments but also inter account transactions, ie all the movements.

But you won’t be able to view all receipt & payments of all cash & bank account at one screen as before.

That time, I was able to post receipt & payments easily by cloning a transaction and switching between “receipt” & “payment” from the top.


Then you can just click on the voice of the chart of accounts in the summary.

Sorry sir, I didn’t understand it. Will you kindly explain it?

Agreed, and that is the disadvantage of the separation into two tabs.

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combining receipts and payment its not good in accounting works, even in books we do have different. you use one for receipts and then you change books to another for another work.
most of us we did not like that at all.

one advantage to all of us is that, any receipt or payment book have numbers, we were combining numbers of payment and receipt together that caused mis understanding to me. but now i only set automatic numbering for payment also in receipts. the system just make auto increament following the receipts books numbering also payment books numbering separately

I agree with @Hosea_Leonard that the separation of payments and receipts is a good thing and that it prevents lots of potential issues. I also agree with @Brucanna that there is a trade-off of no longer being able to see cash & bank accounts on one screen. The latter was actually quite useful but the current implementation is more robust and less error-prone and therefore preferred by me. In reality, with so many different users and uses, there will never be a perfect solution for any of us.

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I understand the matter. Thus, I am requesting to developers that, Kindly add ability to create such combined receipt and payment report in the report section. So that we can easily see all kind of receipt, payment, inter account transaction in one report.


The General Ledger Report already does that.

Would you kindly explain me how I can view that using general ledger report? It will be helpful for me.
Thanks in advance.


Use the General ledger Transaction report and select your bank account

Click on reports → click on General Ledger Transactions → click New Report → set the from and to dates (report period) → select the Account you want the report for → click on Create and view the report. If you want to copy the results to a spreadsheet (for example Excel) then Click on Copy to Clipboard and Paste it in your spreadsheet.

manager need one more report in report tab
currently we have Receipts and payment summary.
manager need to add “Receipt and payment transactions”
if this implemented then we can check all in one page.

@AaiRIz receipts and and payment transactions it is better but it is going to be a very long report if you set time equal to month.

but i support to having receipt amd payment transactions teport where we can view all receipts and payment transactions in one report


You can get almost what you ask for with the General Ledger Transactions report by creating one for only the Cash at bank account and one for the Cash on hand account. Or you can look at both accounts in a report for all accounts. And if you only use bank accounts for your receipts and payments, the report for the Cash at bank account would be exactly what you are asking for.


I liked it when all the Receipts and Payments were on one screen with one accumulating ID number. Any chance that could be an option in the setup or settings in future?