Cash Report

Is there a report available in Manager that will show me all the inflows and outflows from cash (bankaccounts + cash at hand) over a certain period ? So a statement that will only show what was paid and received during a certain timeframe and nothing else.

I have found the report named “Cash Summary” which comes close to what I am looking for, but misses some values or shows some values I do not understand. (I have to say that I am not an accountant :smile:)

For instance when I look under “Inventory Cost” I would expect to see here which invoices I paid during the selected timeframe, but instead it will show me the cost of all the items that I have sold during this period. The same is under inflows. There will appear 3 items: sales, inventory-sales (both of which will show me the payments received of certain salesinvoices, which is correct) but there is a 3rd item called Actual Inventory/Inventory in Stock which shows me a value that I do not understand and was not received in cash.

Part of your confusion seems to come from incomplete understanding of accrual versus cash accounting. You can learn about this at

You can also look at the General Ledger Transactions report, which can be exported for further manipulation. The debits and credits in that report are clickable so you can see what they were.