OSX version is 21.3.53 while others are 21.3.54 since 2 days ago

Why is Manager version for OSX still version 21.3.53 (Release Manager 21.3.53 · Manager-io/Manager.dmg · GitHub) while all others are 21.3.54?

I thought the difference between 21.3.53 and 21.3.54 was the fix for edit screen calculated fields on Windows Journal entry "Out of balance" bug

So would make no difference for Mac, but a guess Lubos is yet to rebuild the Mac binary. I assume as soon as a change effecting the Mac binary is implemented then they would all be in synch again.

There are two possible reasons:

  • The new Mac version is not yet notarized by Apple for distribution outside the App Store. Normally, this takes only a few minutes, but occasionally longer.
  • The developer has frozen the Mac version temporarily. @Patch’s hypothesis is one possible reason for this. But there is also a long-awaited fix to a macOS library component that may be undergoing test or integration.

So now we have this with version 21.4.85. The Mac desktop version is the only one at 21.4.85. Sorry but this is annoying as I keep the Desktop and Server versions in sync but can not do that because of the Mac version not being updated while Linux and Windows are together with the server version. So, I would advise ensuring before making any new version available online that all environments are ready to download the same verions. Even if this is giving a delay for all they must be in sync. Thanks!

The Mac version is now 21.4.83 whilst the others are 21.4.85

I presume that this is due to some verification on Apple’s side?

Whatever the reason, I propose that releases should be made simultaneously so one can wait until Apple is ok with it, or whatever company is blocking it. If you support several versions at least ensure they are in sync especially as you can not “import” a backup from a newer version into an older version. So if you just worked on the server version which would be more recent than the download macOS version you can not work with the imported backup. I am sure @lubos does not intend to create such havoc. Some hours are ok!

Now v 21.4.85 macOS available, thank you!

Apple’s notarization took only minutes. A lot of worry over nothing.

I have been waiting for many hours before 21.4.85 for macOS became available when Windows and Linux already were!