Manager 20.9.65 requires 10.13

Hello, this is my first message. Until now I was trying to test your program on a mac with 10.11 and that was the main reason to do it: to maintain support for that operating system. In addition to the fact that this is no longer the case, there is an error in the requirements mentioned on the download page: the versions that I have downloaded from 20.9.65 require operating system 10.13 and not 10.12 as mentioned. It is something very welcome to be informed of that basic requirement of a program, but it would be even more so if they are correct. I understand that it may be an error as it is a recent change, but I think that all those with 10.12 systems would appreciate being correctly informed of that detail. Greetings.


P.S. Mechanically translated message as I don’t speak English. I apologize if I have not expressed myself correctly.

You are correct. 10.13+ is required. Website updated.

Can you provide version of Manager.dmg that is compatible with osx 10.11 El Capitan please?
Because for me personally, I cannot upgrade my OS to 10.13. And right now I cant open my backup file that was created in v20.8.35 Windows.

Or is there repository for older version other than this latest build?


@Virose_Fernandez, you would not be able to able to open your backup file with a version of Manager compatible with OS X v10.11 (El Capitan). Your backup was created with Manager v20.8.35 from August 2020. You will not be able to open it with any earlier version of Manager. Manager’s system requirements had already moved beyond OS X v10.11 by that time.

@Tut, what about v20.5.47? is that compatible with OSX 10.11?
I just got help from a friend, opened my backup file from Manager v20.5.47(Windows) successfully. Maybe OSX version v20.5.47 can open it too?

Or, is there any info, the latest Manager version of OSX thats compatible with OSX 10.11? so maybe I can find it to test it to open my backup file?

Thanks in advace,
Sorry for the many questions, it’s very frustating for me right now.

I doubt it. That version of Manager is from May 2020.

I do not know of a source for that information, if there is one.

I did some browsing the net. I found Manager repo on Github containing versions of Manager. Tried some, and find v20.8.99 works fine with my OSX 10.11 (any 20.9.X. was not working)

Finally I can continue using this great Accounting App.
Thank you @Tut @lubos

I am surprised it works. But I am glad you are back in operation. Understand that Manager is moving on rapidly. And you will have no support for the old version.

Hello, I visit the thread again to report that the web reflects the change, but not the properties of the application package. Services like MacUpdater depend on the properties of the info.plist file to offer updates or not. And they might want to fix it to avoid problems for users who are still using 10.12 and can’t really update or use the current version of manager.
They especially use the property “LSMinumSystemVersion” as the MacUpdater developer writes me and why they keep reporting that manager is compatible with 10.12