Rounding Off option in Purchase Invoice

Please Provide Rounding Off option in purchase Invoice. we cant match both invoice (Sales & Purchase),
Please update Rounding Off option in Purchase Invoice in next UPDATE,
Thanking You.

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I never realised it wasn’t there! lol

I don’t know how others handle it, but I have an expense account (possibly not the right term) where I can allocate rounding of items. I just checked it, rounding has been $30 in my favour, but it’s full of pluses and minuses.

Agreed, I’d like to see a rounding option too.

This has been discussed many times in the forum. Rounding on purchase invoices makes no sense. The supplier has charged you what the supplier has charged. If that amount is rounded, you need to enter the rounded amount on your purchase invoice. Because there are many rounding techniques, Manager cannot impose one, because the supplier might have used a different one, or even applied one incorrectly. More information is at

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