Purchase Invoice Total

  1. The Purchase Invoice while creating or editing should show the TOTAL as Amount + Tax.
    It shows only when viewing it.
    Its required as many times, we forget to put the VAT for the items, and the bill is saved incorrectly.
    If we can see the Amount + Tax as we edit, it can save time and incorrect entries.

  2. There is no round off option in the Purchase Invoice, which is very important.

For inventory items and non-inventory items (if you tick the purchase/sold boxes) you can store any related tax code information in them so that when Purchase Invoices are created the tax will occur automatically therefore eliminating/minimising any incorrect entries.

Furthermore, if the tax panel is blank then that should communicate the absence of tax regardless if a code or an amount is used.

If rounding is an issue then perhaps you should be either using tax inclusive values or an option of - Add Line with a COA called Rounding for such minor adjustments. Manager doesn’t/can’t know that a rounding is required as it not working with invoice totals.

I agree with this suggestion and it will be implemented in the future.

Hi…I dont see the suggestion implemented even after 3 years.