Option “X” for erase the date

Dear @lubos

Can you help me?

In recent updates the “X” to quick erase the date in Pucharses Invoice, Sales Invoce, Payments and Receipts disappeared (check screenshot)

The quick erase option improves fingering processes.

Thank you!

Erasing date only works in fields where date is optional.

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But before the last update it was working with the date which is not optional.

Why are you requiring to clear date on a field which always needs to have a date specified? What is there to gain?

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For me it is very important to optimize processes. Imagine recording an adjustment for another month. Looking up dates on a calendar is not a pleasant option. It is better to erase it immediately with the x and then type it

You can type it. There is no need to erase first or choose graphically.


That option doesn’t work. If I duplicate a transaction it will appear with the date of the main event. That forces me to delete it manually.

You have described two completely separate behaviors. Yes, cloning (not duplicating) a transaction produces a new transaction with the same date as the original. But you can select the old date by dragging over it and type a new date directly. As I said, you do not need to select the new date graphically.

This is no more difficult than erasing a date by clicking on an X and typing a new one.

Dragging over it and type a new date directly is more difficult than erasing a date by clicking on an “X”. You are completely wrong. If you do not know about process engineering, better refrain from commenting.

So what is your actual complaint, @gxtsoft? Your opening post mentioned improved “fingering” processes. That implies you are concerned about accomplishing steps without a mouse, only using fingers on a keyboard. But is your goal only to erase the date? If so, clicking an X isn’t a “fingering” process. It requires a mouse click (or equivalent).

But, as @lubos already told you, the places you are complaining about the absence of an X are places where a date is mandatory. So you either need to select a date using the graphic date picker or type a date directly into the field. You complained that you could not type a date. I informed you that was possible.

You seem focused on half the process, apparently being willing to leave the mandatory date blank. I looked at the entire process of replacing an old date with a new one. In both cases, there is one mouse action and the typing of a date.

And yes, I know a lot about process engineering. But I concentrate on the whole process and the end result, not one step in isolation.

By the way, did you know that copying the transaction types you mentioned in your opening complaint instead of cloning them automatically enters the current date instead of the date of the source transaction?

Whatever you say, the only thing that bothers me is that change. It did affect me. I was more comfortable with the “X” to erase the date on any form. Having it removed affected my processes. And let me inform you that the change didn’t just affect transaction cloning. Review and you will find that the impact was greater.

Once you land inside the date field, just press Ctrl + A or Shift + Home or whatever equivalent shortcut you have on your OS to select the entire field text and then just type to overwrite the entire thing.

Can you specify in which Manager version number there was an X where the compulsory date was used. I just tried a very old version and it had the X only for optional date fields and not for the compulsory one as discussed in length here.

For example in Manager v20.6.69 there was no X for dates at all, see screenshot.

Manager v21.6.76 showed no X either but has for both the same date icon.

Note that in both cases the Issue date was prefilled while the Due date was empty (as is optional)

I insist, it does appear to me. If I am making the observation, it is because something changed in the last updates and I did not like that change. I was comfortable with the delete date process with the “X”. That change affected most modules. Not just the one I mentioned.

Hence the question, which version that you used was behaving how you liked?

Version 21.11.3

Version 21.11.3 (installed from Release Manager 21.11.3 · Manager-io/Manager.dmg · GitHub ) has the following screenshot. No X and compulsory date prepopulated.

You are not loaded by the X because you are not even positioned in a field.
Let me tell you that it did charge me and that is why I am reporting it. I insist, I did not like that change at all.

@eko it actually was there up until 21.10.35, that the latest I can recall so @gxtsoft isn’t just imagining things.

But the point is @gxtsoft, this change was done for the overall good of Manager and certainly while in your case it might be kind of anoying, but it’s not a difficulty that will persist forever. It will just take some getting used to.

Think of it as an opportunity to find even more efficient methods, like knowing some keyboard shortcuts. I already gave you two, but here’s the third method:

  • Navigate away and then back to your date field using Tab and then Shift + Tab or the other way around, it doesn’t matter.

There. I just gave you three solutions that work faster and more accurately than slowly aiming for an “X” mark. Please try to get familiar with any of them for a day or two and then tell me if you miss the old way. :wink: