Erase Option "X" in purchases date invoice and sales date invoice

Dear @lubos

Can you help me?

In recent updates the “X” to quick erase the date in Pucharses Invoice and Sales Invoce disappeared (check the screenshot)

In other modules the quick date erase appear, for example Journal Entries (check the screenshot).

The quick erase option improves fingering processes.

Thank you!

I believe you are remembering things backwards. The graphic calendar date picker is being gradually replaced with a newer one, tab by tab. But the version with the X is the new version. The X appears when you scroll over the calendar icon. The old version had no X. The old version also had the “Today” option. The new version does not.

This is incorrect, the old version did have an “x” but it only appeared after clicking on the date.

The date prior to being clicked
0000000 Bug 1 0000000 Bug 1a

The date after being clicked with an “x”
0000000 Bug 2 0000000 Bug 2a

Interesting. This might be operating-system dependent. Here is a screen shot of the old calendar date picker on a Mac. Notice there is no X after clicking on the date:

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.51.46 AM

Windows 10
On version 21.2.51 using manager desktop (no webview2) I get the X
Using server version 21.2.51 ( I don’t get it?


Can anything be done to solve it?

It’s awkward to be deleting the date character by character.

Thank you.

Select the entire date and delete it.

I did not ask you for solutions. I hate the way they talk to me.

Unfortunately, this is an area that when Manager makes process changes a user has to modify their approach. It is disappointing to see a changed process which impacts upon efficiency.

An alternate would be to highlight the entire date and use the delete key.

But to ask, why do you want to delete the date, when you can use the date picker to select a new date.

Thank you @Brucanna and @Lubos

Update 21.3.85 implemented the new calendar in Purchase Invoice. Now I can use the “X” to erase the date. All that remains is to implement the change in the “Sales Invoice” module. Sales invoice does not yet contain the “X” to erase the date.

Testing the change implemented now it is not possible to writte the date :frowning_face:

Being selected the date greatly alters the efficiency of the processes.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue. The date can be written in too.