Option to put specific user with new transaction

Hi, I hope my title gets attention enough.

I have recently hired 2 more salespeople. I would like to restrict the two new staff to their own account in Manager where they can manage the new customer and create quotations, sales orders, invoices, and access to bank receipts. Meanwhile, the old staff that holds old customer data will remain safe in their own account. This is to avoid customer database leaks as well.

Is this option available yet?



That’s a good suggestion for next updates in Manager. Currently this option is not available in Manager.

I assume you created a Manager user for each of your sales people not just a generic “Sales” login to Manager.

Assuming you have done this, Manager already tracks what each salesperson does via the history, which could be undone if required.

What was the additional feature you were wanting?

Yes I already created an account for each salesperson. Yet, the current Manager still allows access to all salespeople in the sales department, not specific user. Hence, the data from old transactions (2017 - now) is still accessible publicly.

It would be safe and ethical if the data were only accessible to each person who made it.