Option to make some fields mandatory for data integrity

Possible to mark a custom field or a default field as a required/mandatory field when entering data? Fields marked as required could have the red asterisk sign by it to show it a mandatory field. A user wouldn’t be able to create or update a transaction or document in the edit mode until every mandatory field is filled.
This will be a great tool for:
• Ensuring the selection of Warehouse/location
• Ensuring the selection of tax codes in circumstances where tax codes haven’t been assigned to items
• Ensuring the selection of tracking codes
• Ensuring the entry of necessary information into fields for suppliers, bank accounts, cash accounts, employees, fixed assets, write-offs, journal entries etc.
We could also make use of some basic data validation, for example. minimum character length

it would be useful for most business. others simply need not use the option.

This is a very good feature. @lubos please look into it and see if it can be added to the already wonderful Manager Software.