Restricted user cannot see receipts with no account

When viewing receipts, those that do not have an account specified are not displayed for users with access to only some bank and cash accounts.

Here are all of today’s receipts as viewed by a user with full access:

And here are those as viewed by a user with access to only some of the bank and cash accounts:

One of the common mistakes our staff members make is to record a receipt without selecting an account. Our base currency is ZWL, but most of our transactions are in USD. Usually the staff member will have a customer’s sales invoice open when they record the receipt. They will copy the sales invoice (USD in most cases) to a new receipt, assume the pre-filled amount is correct (another common source of errors), and create the receipt. For a transaction of US$30, for example, not specifying the account will mean it records in the base currency as ZWL$30 and the sales invoice will show a balance of US$29.99 outstanding. The staff member sees that there is still a balance owing and they just create a new receipt for US$29.99. If they check the Receipts tab for errors, the ZWL$30 receipt is not displayed, and they don’t see the source of the error.

In the user permissions settings, there are options to set permissions for each of the bank and cash accounts separately, but there isn’t a setting for permissions of unassigned transactions. I realise that other businesses would not want these visible to all users, but is there some way we could gain better control over it to help in our situation?

It is possible for our staff members to view the receipt by drilling down on the balance due for the sales invoice, but it involves a few extra steps and is not something they think of when everything in the Receipts tab appears correct.

This is another reason that I would like the option to set certain fields to be mandatory, as discussed in this topic in ideas. If we could set the account field to be mandatory and the amount field to be blank by default and mandatory, our most common errors would be eliminated.

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You refer to the “Received in” where it is actually compulsory to assign an account otherwise the transaction will be listed in the suspense account. So not sure what you are trying to achieve because ALL receipts need to be assigned to a Bank or Cash account, if not they will move to the suspense account which indicates that you must correct them (i.e. assign a Received in, account) for it to be cleared.

Yes, the receipts go into the Suspense account, but that doesn’t stop our staff members from doing it.

There are two things that I think could help here:

  1. Display receipts with no account in the Receipts tab for restricted users, so they can check and correct receipts they have made
  2. Make the Received in field mandatory when creating or editing a receipt. By “mandatory” I mean that Manager will not allow the receipt to be created if the account isn’t selected, not just that it puts it in Suspense.

Hi GrahamvdR if I understand you issue correctly we had a similar issue with staff. This was largely mitigated by setting Form Defaults under the Receipts Tab. Choose the account most often needed by the crew, at least then the account field will be automatically populated. (It is a hassle for other members who receipt into other accounts but at least they may have visibility of all accounts)

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Thank you @compuit. Most of our receipts (especially the ones these staff members will be creating) are into the same account, so that is a good suggestion.

I believe the best way to do this is be able to set form defaults per user. At the moment, should a restricted user set his own form defaults, it also reflects to all users. Let’s hope developers see this.

There is already an option to see all these. See below.

This appears when no account is selected for the receipt line items, but it does not appear when the bank or cash account is not selected, which is what my issue is. You can see this in my first screen shot in my opening post.