Required entry to Custom Fields and Tracking Codes

Is there an option to add the option to confirm the required entry to Custom Fields and Tracking Codes? It happens more often that I forget to check the same option on a particular document.
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Useful when you want to enforce your standard operation procedure. Every invoice must have certain status or additional information.

However this could be not flexible, I think there is an issue of how Manager is being design. What is being set you have to reverse the action for all pass transaction if you wish to overhaul.
+1 from me.

this is why you have Form Defaults where you can set defaults for any tab. you do not have to worry about forgetting to check anything.

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Yes I agree, and what in this case, when you have more options and you always have to choose another one from the offered one. If you forget to make a change, the first thing you set in the Form Defaults tab is the one you made a mistake at work. By me this option is a much better solution than the one already offered in the Form Defaults tab, in real work it is almost impossible to have only one setting for any document.

@Dado, you can set up your custom field with a dropdown list, in order as you show. But you will not get an automatic entry of the first item on your list. While you might personally believe this is your preferred choice, there will be many users who definitely do not want a choice made for them by the program. Some may use the dropdown list only occasionally. The general design philosophy behind the program is not to make choices for you, but rather to allow you to make your own.

In that light, Form Defaults let you choose a standard entry. But it would not be a default if you had choices to make.

Just remember that you can edit any entry. The program has methods for requiring necessary things it knows about, like selection of customers and suppliers or allocation to an account. But do not expect it to protect you from yourself when it comes to custom fields you created on your own.

Okay, I’m not asking for too much and it’s very useful to reduce the mistakes …
Only this option to add … slight_smile:

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Tut, sofver, like this, if there are no limitations, then it must be maximally intuitive. I mean, if there are no limitations, then it’s a must to warn you when it comes to work. One of these is required. Without this, many failures in the work arise.

@dado you can however add extra procedure for yourself keep glancing the tab list after you have tick it to ‘show custom field in column’. Whenever you have finished creating invoice before sending to external party be sure take a bit of time to glance.

I also prefer this option .

similar to Forum Defaults option in settings, we should have Required fields in settings.

Forum Defaults = user will open each form and select default options according to their business preference.
Required Fields = this can also be similar to that,
Example: user will open receipt & payment form and select payee or payer field as required field
and leave Main description as optional. but Line description as required field.
Custom Field 1 = required
Custom Field 2 = optional

Similar to google forums.

This will allow users to make very less mistakes and more required data can be captured.

Everyone expects to avoid manual work. that is why we would like to use the softwares. If we keep looking at all the transactions, when can we concentrate on other business work?