Opening hours - working day

I would like to opt, for those who are using the Server Edition or Cloud Edition of manager and perhaps have some employee(s), the possibility to restrict the use of manager outside opening hours. For safety or administrative reasons like doing an update to the latest version of manager (Server Edition only).

As you are already contemplating about restricted access by owner-ship or roles, I thought this could be a nice addition.


That would be a nice feature.

This will be very useful if the working hours setup can be done on each business profile.
it should not be on total manager software.

It also could be a problem for server or cloud version users with personnel in different time zones.

Good point @Tut. In that case configuration is needed per user instead of per business. Otherwise one user’s monday could be another user’s sunday night.

Another approach could be to implement a way to give users there own preferences, like timezone, and perhaps language and Date and Number format. These preferences do not affect the data itself only the presentation of the data. Then a monday for a user in Australia will be a monday for another user in America because of the timezone setup.

But to start with, it would great with one timezone setup and per business opening hours.

This is quite easy to implement. But I’d do it on user-level. For example, you would be able to set up that user can only be logged in from Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm or something like that.

Sounds great, thanks !!