User time-based locking feature

I’m running a Freelance bookkeeping service and web service (manager server) at the same time. I’m having trouble looking a way to manage user access by time.

There is three type of users that will access for specific purpose.

  1. The business owners to generate financial reports.
  2. For Auditor to examine the system of how manager works. at the same time, test the control system and check how its being posted. In my country manager is not well known.
  3. Business owner or it’s elected user to maintain the books. (web service)

Handling around 10 users would be fine but if it starts more than 12 it takes effort to manage their accessibility where each user has different time frame. Currently I manage with excel formula just to keep track their expiration date.

Can we at least have the ability reduce the task to lock the access based on date specified and by duration in days?

Manager has no capability to control when users can access the program. Permissions extend only to what users can do.

Why would this matter? An owner wants a financial report when she wants it, not when you told her she would. Transactions are entered whenever they occur or the bookkeeper has time, not when an administrator planned for them. And auditors work on their own schedules.

That is why I’m asking for user account time-based locking feature.

It is matter to me @Tut , I purchased the manager server license code and I host my own server. am running a service which need fund to maintain.

I have agreement with the business owner when I do the bookkeeping he has access to generate report as much as he need, however he did not pay to make use the manager data entry mechanism.

If the business owner want to make use manager as a whole. I make an agreement for defined period. At the same time provide training support to make use the software based on their business activity. At the same time I provide maintenance to keep manager server up and running with backup system.

Auditor’s only allowed to look into manager when business owner’s notify to me. This is the case where he did not pay to use manager but pay for my bookkeeping service. Auditor’s just need do the arrangement when they want to look into it. They won’t bother looking at manager for long duration. In order to protect business owner data from unauthorized party change password is the solution but at the same if I have to manage multiple parties at the same time. the feature is needed to cut down the workload.

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