Feature request to show time on server edition

We installed server edition in Dubai. And our employees uses it in Canada & African countries,

In Dubai its 12:00 am and in Canada its 4:00pm

If a person in Canada enters any transaction at 5:00pm on 19/03/2015.
It shows as 20/03/2015 by default in sales/purchase/expenses or any module
and some of our employees doesn’t even know that this software is installed in Dubai server.

So if possible please show the time and date of the main server on the manager software when used by the employees in Canada or any other country.


Where ever the employee access the software , it should read the time and date of the location of that particular employee.

So while creating a new transactions they doesn’t have to bother about changing the date every time.

And in some cases if I lock the date of 19/03/2015. Employees in Canada not able to enter any transactions even though their original date was 19/03/2015.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Does anyone know how other cloud accounting programs handle this situation? (The fact that @raj_nann is using the server version does not change the situation, only the location of the database.)

It seems to me that the goal is to accurately represent the position of the company at a given moment in time, not arbitrarily modify dates for local convenience. Of course, I also see why it could be a problem for employees dealing with customers and suppliers to have invoices and receipts “apparently” dated incorrectly.

I am just curious.

Hi @Tut
If we can’t manage to get the actual time and date of the users from their web browser/iPads/android tablets / PC or whatever device they use.
We can at least show the time and date of the datacenter / database at top right corner near logout button.
So users/employees will slowly understand the time of the main database location.

I might implement ability to set timezones on per-user basis but I will need to give it a bit more thought.

Right now, timezone in Manager can be set only globally for all users under Preferences tab. What if you switch timezone from Dubai to Canada? That would be more appropriate.

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We have employees using it from 4 time zones.
Even if I change time zone to Canada there is no use.

It’s only 8 AM in Dubai when it’s 12 AM in Canada. It means during working hours both Canada and Dubai will have the same date (as long as your employees in Dubai start at 8 AM or later).

Its not only about dubai and Canada .
And some of our users don’t have particular working time.
Sometimes they start working at 11am to 10 pm.
If a user in Canada have to create a sales invoice or his expenses on his present day but it shows as next day for that Canada user bcz the main server is in dubai.
And I can’t change time zone in our main server because there are other things which we depend on Dubai time zone.

As I said, I will look into possibility of enabling timezone on per user basis. To change global timezone in Manager, you don’t have to change the date on the server. Simply go to Preferences tab in Manager.

Hi @lubos
i have checked the time zone option.
Rite now we can only change the time zone of complete Manager software. but it will be perfect if each individual users have options to change the time zone according to them which should not effect other users.

Thank you