Opening backup files

Hi Guys i am getting confused, when i back up to my usb thats easy to do.
when i try to open and run from the usb i get the message what program do you want to use to run.
IE: fiefox paint windows and others.
Also when i have backed up on my desktop where do i find the backup files, whats the folder called.
thanks in advance.

You can’t double click a Manager file to open it.
You must open Manger first - then select the listed business or Add Business + Restore Business.

Where ever you selected when the backup was created.
Click the backup button and see what path is displayed.

A backup on your desktop is pointless unless you are going to use it to transfer data elsewhere. When your disk fails, your backup will be gone along with your main data file.

Thanks Brucanna
As soon as i read your reply it clicked.
I have got it now.