Online services billing manager

i swear, managing online system due dates, payments, pending etc is now becoming an accounting nightmare.
Knowing which swervices need to be paid when, which ones have already been paid based on whether the card details of account were already given, and if there was money in the account.

Could you guys add something like this on the side of expense management.

so many services with per user billing, per month billing etc.

I’m really not sure what you are proposing…

I am proposing a feature to help manage recurring expenses, in terms of when, how much and billing methods being utilized, as well as the payment methods being used on the same.
this is for services like software subscriptions, server bills etc

Use recurring purchase invoices. That is what they are for. See

i saw that function. i was thinking of something more of a calendar view for the same. to be able to properly view what is due on what dates, on a calendar grid

There would be no calendar entries to display. Manager does not store future events like a calendar program does. Instead, it stores parameters defining when future transactions will be due. It examines such parameter definitions (the recurring transaction entries) and notifies you when one or more transactions are due to be created. But until you go to the relevant tab and create transactions that are due, there are no transactions or calendar events to display. They simply do not exist anywhere in the database. Manager does not even know how many there are, only that one or more are due. Read the Guide again.