Suggestion for calendar module

I feel like additional module for Calendar would be beneficial. :smiley:

To accommodate, Recurrence Sales or Purchase, To know Bill Due, To know when service subscribe due, When is the end of financial period and When is our Driving License or Business License Due, When is the Tax filing period. Then When is due, especially recurring ones, automatically enter accrued expenses or or accrued income.

Same goes for prepaid, whenever we paid more than what is being fixed at, and pay before the end of subscription or due date. Once reached the due date, it will entered as paid the day is due.

But then again, I doubt Human is that efficient to ‘pay’ on time. hahahahah

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You raised some interesting points.

However, if you search beforehand, you will notice that there are many other similar topics already :slight_smile:

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True, at that point of time is before the recurring sales & purchase invoice, payment slip issue raised. Now is a good time to consider at planning stage, this will help user at sales and admin level and finance for budgetting (forecast). Though it will not impact the report until is actually being transact.

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