Cannot make receipt

I have a Mac pro, downloaded the latest version of manager and it doesn’t show a view button when I go to print a receipt. It just keeps going right back to the previous screen. Can you please help?

Could you show screenshot where you expect to see “View” button? You can remove private information from the screenshot if you like. I’m more interested where you are within the program where “View” button doesn’t show.

you need to click on the value to the right against the cash account to view the transactions.

To take report you can navigate to the reports section and generate a report for your cash transactions.

If you click on the blue balance - right had side - for the account you want, you will get a list of transactions for that account, next to each transaction there is a edit and view button. Click view for the transaction you want to print,

Thank you so much! I got it!!!
This is a great forum! :blush: