How to create a customer statement?

Can’t seem to find how to generate a customer statement. The field is no longer there? (it does say 6 tabs hidden?)

Go to Reports, click Customize button and make sure Customer Statements module is enabled.

After that, you will see Customer Statements under Reports tab.

thanks, found it :smile:

A few versions back, we had a Customer view with all invoices and payments (not only unpaid invoices). We need this back and, if possible, to contain Customer advanced payments.


The problem of Customer view was that it didn’t scale well. It contained all transactions and as the number of transactions was growing, it was becoming unsustainable.

How did you use this Customer view screen?

First, for agreement between the customer and our company (sometimes by mistake, lost invoices etc, there is a difference) and they ask for agreement sheet.

And secondly, if a customer has a zero balance, how we can see all his transactions?

See example:

I agree that there is a definite need for the summary as it was, I went looking for it last night and could not work out where it had gone.

Customer view screen hasn’t been intended for printing to customers.

Right now, customer statements report supports only “outstanding invoices” layout but in a few days, there will be new “transactions” layout which is exactly what you need. It will contain all transactions (including prepayments) and in presentable form which can be actually given to customers as an official statement.

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Great news! Thanks.

Great work Lubos

Check the latest version (14.3.47).

When you go to Customers tab, click Send Customer Statements button.

Then select statement type Transactions and date range.

Yeah! Very nice report.

But, when the same day, there is a Sales Invoice (Debit) and a Receipt (Credit), the Credit line comes first. Can you change that?

Fixed in the latest version (14.4.1)

Now it’s OK. Thanks!

Oh, one more thing… :slight_smile:

Summary fields under Debit and Credit column so we can see customer performance (If there Is another way to view customer performance in Manager I can’t find it).

Customer statements are really only for the purpose of sending them to customers. What do you mean by customer performance?

For example, what is the customer’s turnover for the first quarter or a specified period of time.

I have a problem with Customer Statements with Manager 14.5.5.
When I select Customers/Send Customer Statements/ Transactions/From & Until Date fields and hit Next button, Manager shows Unpaid Invoices/From Date… selection form again.
Can you confirm that? Or I do something wrong?

Could you try the latest version 14.5.7?

Works fine again. Thanks!

There is no Customer Statement option in Reports how can i get it?