No Way To Print? No 'print' button


I don’t seem to have any way to print, invoices… or what I need to print - the summary over a certain period, expenses (as a list, what you see when you enter ‘expenses’ and sales (as a similar list).

Other people seem to talk of a ‘print’ button, but i can’t see it, or locate ‘print’ in any drop down menus.

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m using Manager 16.1.4

Manager version 16.1.4 is about 2 years and hundreds, if not thousands, of versions out of date! - please update to the latest version

Where did you get such an old version from?

Make a backup of your business(es) first - just in case

Get the download from here

Ah thanks, I’ve had this version for a couple of years and never updated. On either version i see the ‘reports’ section, which I’d not noticed before. It’s here you can easily print out profit/loss reports etc. However I want to generate an expenses claims summary - I have listed all my expenses under, well, expenses. But when i try to generate a expenses claims summary, say for this year so far, the report shows no expenses. Any ideas?


There have been many changes over the last two years.

I suggest that you read the Guides again to familiarise yourself with the latest version and then come back here to ask a question. In particular this one

Use expense claims

Also, it would help to post screen images of the transactions as it is almost impossible to give a useful answer without some idea of the data involved. The expense claims summary is a report on the expenses claims entered in the system It is not clear from your post whether you have used this function to enter your expenses and whether you entered them directly via a payment or purchase invoice

To reinforce what @Joe91 said, the Expense Claims tab is not where you enter most expenses of the business, unless you are trying to operate a business without any bank or cash account. That tab is only for company expenses that are not paid by the company, but by some individual personally.

Thanks - I realise now I’ve not been using it correctly, though works fine for my purposes as a sole trader. I’lll research the application more rather than ask further questions, I see I haven’t got it set up right and will have to fix some ways I’ve been operating.