Print preview showing blank page

I want to print the bank transaction, but in print preview it just showing blank page & when I print, just blank page came up. It’s happening to all of them cash a/c,customer, sales invoice etc.
Tried on Manager 16.3.21

Are you printing from the Print button within the Manager window? If not, it won’t print. You can’t use keyboard shortcuts.

No, I’m printing by right click>print option

see the below image of print preview

See my former post. You have to print from the Print button in the Manager window.

Where is the print button in manager?

Above the document when viewing a Payment, Receipt, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Expense Claim, or any Report.

I’m not sure whether it will make any difference. I’ve noticed the preview has 5 pages. What’s on the second page?

How about if you email PDF to yourself by clicking on Email button?

@CONFUSING_GUY, are you trying to print a PDF of the document? If so, there have been several previous forum topics that mention blank first pages. These are related to general PDF generation issues that @lubos has said he is working on.

My responses assumed you were trying to print directly from a View screen. Which was it?