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Hi There, I am a new user of MANAGER and so far it is great…quick question…I have entered expenses into the expense claims page and now wish to run a report with a total expenditure but nothing appears in the reporting page?

What do you mean by “the reporting page?” If you mean the Expense Claims Summary under the Reports tab, have you created a report by selecting the New Report button? If so, does the date range span the transactions you entered? And did you use 4-digit years in specifying the date?

I also having the same problem
Update to the latest version (Dec 15)

i think this happen after i add in Custom column into Expenses Report

What “same problem” are you having? If you read the post from 6 months ago, you will see that the original poster did not answer the question. Please be specific about your problem.

From the Side Menu: Reports->Expense Claims Summary-> New Report
Fill in detail for both date, after the report generated, it show 0.00 in all column like this:

Opening balance Expense Claims Less: Payments Net movement Closing balance
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Thank you for the additional information, @Annie_Wong. Here are some things to check:

  1. Was the expense claim payer either created as a payer first (under Settings) or the owner of a capital account or employee? You cannot just input a name. You must actively select a payer from the existing dropdown list when you create the expense claim.

  2. Is the expense claim you expect to see actually in existence? Click on the Expense Claims tab and verify that it appears in the ledger.

  3. Are the dates correct on the Expense Claims Summary report? In other words, do they span a time period that includes the claims you think should be reflected on the report?

Let me know if any of these resolve your problem. I tried to duplicate your problem by adding a custom field to the expense claim and showing it as a column. I could not reproduce the problem.

Yes. It solved my problem. Thank you.

My problem is I chose the name from Employees’s group in the drop down list. I did not create new Expenses Claim Payer. (For my case, Employees and Expenses Claim Payer are the same)

After i create New Claim Payers list, the same name appears twice Payers drop down list (Employees’ group and Expenses Claim Payers’ group), its a bit confusing.

Suggest to eliminate the Employees List in the drop down list. (or option not to show it)


And now i need to manually change all Payers from
Employees-> XXX to
Expenses Claim Payers-> XXX

Good that i learn new stuff.

You bring up a problem, @Annie_Wong. Employees and capital account owners are automatically included in the expense claim payers list. If you create them separately as payers, you will see their names twice in the dropdown list. So you should not convert employees to expense claim payers. Any that you have converted, you should remove so they are not in the system twice.

The point of having it this way was specifically to reduce workload by eliminating the need to create so many payers. Do not expect this to be removed.

But regardless of how the payer was created, if an expense claim has been filed for them during the reporting time period, they should appear on the summary report. If no claim has been filed, they will not appear.

May I ask you to go back to the numbered suggestions I made earlier and check those items again? Since it is the start of a new year, I strongly suspect a problem with dates, not with payers.

Following up on the issue in this thread, I am having the same issue and the suggested steps do not resolve the problem. To summarize:

I have two years’ worth of data in Manager.
All data appears correctly on the summary tab and in other reports.
A total of 104 expenses have been entered over the two-year period. These appear on the Expense Claims tab and the listed dates are correct for each transaction. I can confirm that the dates are correct by running other reports or looking at the summary tab.
Payer = a contributed capital account, chosen from the drop-down, not typed in.

When I go to the Reports tab and run the “Expense Claims Summary” report, I get no results. The report is generated but empty. It does not matter if I re-generate or edit the report with a different date range. I get a single line of totals with zeros.

Any other ideas about what’s going on?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

@StarvingArtist, Expense Claims Summary report is misleading as it will show only expense claims by “expense claim payers”. It will not show expense claims against employees or capital accounts (seems to be like your case).

I need to look at this. However, what do you expect to find on this report?

@StarvingArtist, the Expense Claims Summary report is really only useful for making sure you have “processed” or “cleared” all the expense claims. It does not list individual claims. You get that under the Expense Claims tab. If you want a printed list, you can export and import to a spreadsheet.

Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten about the option to export all the Expense Claims right from that tab.

My original goal was to view a summary of total expenditures (or all transactions) for the year by payee so that I could skim the list and figure out who needs a 1099.* I think I need to look in two places for this information – Expense Claims and Suppliers.

Am I missing an easier way to get to this information?

  • For any non-US readers, a 1099 is a report to the US government of payments to vendors during a calendar year, with a copy to the vendor as well. You don’t need to report on payments to every vendor. Generally speaking, you have to report on total payments of more than $600 to anybody who is not incorporated. (Disclaimer: This is a huge generalization and not valid tax advice.)

There is not a ready-made report that will sort by both supplier and total expenditure. But you can create a supplier statement for each of your subcontractors. Select the date range for the year and Transactions report type. You’ll get a list of all debits and credits (representing your subcontractor’s invoices to you and your payments to them) with totals.

Is there a way you can include the claims against employees and capital accounts into the Expense Claim Summary report? As the list of claims by employees and capital accounts are increasing, this report will help to show the claims pending to be paid. It will be more helpful.
Thank you

No, you can’t combine them into that report, but, if you created those employees and partners as Expense Claim Payers under Settings and used those names instead then all Expenses Claims would appear on the Summary Report

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For a full discussion of expense claims, see the Guide below:


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Thanks @Tut. This is fine when there are only few entries on the expense claim. Imagine (just an example) sorting the figure out, if we have 10 employees, 4 capital accounts and 200 claims in 6 months. The employee clearing account if showing a balance of, say, 5000 and to find out who really need to be reimbursed would be quite difficult (agreed; the same can be exported to excel and do all sort of mix-match for results). From the Capital Account summary we can obtain the claims by members (being special category people, not worried if they are not paid immediately…:joy:::joy:), and their payments. The case with employees is different. I would strongly suggest to incorporate Employee expense claim into the Expense Claim Summary Report, which will make things easier… and also Capital Accounts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… after which the Expense Claim Summary Report will have it meaning completed.

An eye opener! Now I have noticed the drop down list far below. After employees list, you have an expense claim payer list where employees are still mentioned (as they were added as claim payers). This shows very clearly that we need to select the names from the claim payers list only to have the report generated. Then why do we need the employee list there?
Anyways, thanks for pointing out the way. Will sit and redo all the entries done during the last few months…

This feature was added because many users did not like having to create employees separately as Expense Claims Payers when they were already in the system as Employees. At one earlier point in time, Members and Expense Claims Payers were not distinguished in the dropdown list, so you could have two appearances of the same name with no way to tell them apart. Now they are grouped by type.