No Until date on recurring payslips or journal entries

On recurring payslips and journal entries, it is not possible to set an Until date the way it is for recurring sales or purchase invoices. (Note: the end dates for those do not work, and are the subject of another bug report.)

I’m not against program flexibility but what was the general use case for end date on recurrent payslips?

If an employee resigns we would delete the recurrent payslip. While on holidays I would delete the individual payslip created after checking it was for zero value. I suppose for a fixed duration contract having an end date entered may be useful.

For recurrent journal entries, I agree a general capability is definitely desirable as journal entries are the most general transaction.

Describing the behaviour on the bug, idea, program operation, design feature spectrum, I’m not sure I would select bug but it is good to bring attention to the behaviour.

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I’m agree to have no until date on recurring journal entries
hopefully that feature will be soon

I have several recurring JE’s to release prepaid expenses e.g. hangar rent and aircraft insurance. When I pay for these I charge the invoices to a “Prepaid Expenses” control account made up of special accounts. I have special accounts for different categories of prepaids - e.g. insurance, rent etc. I then set up recurring JE’s to expense on a monthly basis. An end-date (until date) on JE’s would really make this process slick and eliminate the possibility of “over expensing” if I don’t catch that the prepayment has been “used up” when recording the JE’s.

I just added my VOTE to add an end-date to recurring JE’s.