Bug: recurring invoice until date

I am reconciling an old account I’ve let get out of hand. Creating a bunch of sales invoices would be perfect so I thought I would create a recurring one and edit each one with the exact values (they are slightly different each week)…

If I enter a start/next invoice of anything in july 2018 and an until date of anywhere in july or august of 2018, when I go to the sales invoice area, I get projected invoices until today.


No recurring sales invoices to create:

So let’s create one:

Using this template and from July 2018 to August 2018:

When I go to the screen to create the invoices, I have a lot more than expected:

I have tried this several times, it keeps creating up til the current period

  1. Change the date on your computer to the end date you wanted
  2. Create the recurrent transaction in Manager
  3. Reset your computer date/time to the correct value

tad difficult to do when running the server edition… whilst it might work as a work around, it’d be better to fix the bug than go playing with system times of a system that may or may not be dedicated to just running manager…

Although you have given me the idea to do it locally, I just have to check I have a desktop version with the same version number as my server (highly unlikely)…

edit: including the fact of export, import, change date, create recurring invoices, revert date, export, import back to server and keep fingers crossed… I’d prefer to enter the years worth manually for sanity’s sake lol

This is a bug, plain and simple. I have moved it to the bugs category. The same thing happens with recurring purchase invoices.

Sorry I didn’t read the details of your report properly. I hadn’t noticed the built in support for end date.

I suspect lubos will fix it as part of this

@lubos for info, it is a problem to do with the year, I just ran a similar set of recurring invoices running from last year until May this year, and it stopped when required. Possibly a check of the code around the evaluation of the year in the until field.

I have observed very strange behavior. I tried to duplicate @d3mad’s example. The first time, recurring invoices started and stopped correctly. Every trial since, the program was back to generating them up until the present date. I even tried deleting and re-entering the recurring invoice for a different customer and experimented with all sorts of date ranges. Nothing I did was successful. All recurring invoices are generated up until the present date.

@d3mad, can you obtain a successful trial several times in a row?

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.58)

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