Recurring Set up Date for month end payslip,,,,

it is found that if I put the recurring date monthly at end of the month the system will use the last date in the next month for all the next months,

as far as I know and understood the system should be capable to know the month end date for each month.

Is is a bug, if not how can I solve it

please find the attached






I don’t think this is a bug. The program behaves to keep each recurring transaction (of any type) in the month following the preceding one. If you start with January 31, it schedules the next transaction at the end of February, on February 28. Then it schedules for the 28th of every following month because that keeps the next transaction in February.

But if you schedule the first for March 31, it schedules the next for April 30. Subsequent transactions fall on the 30th of the month until the following February, when it moves again to the 28th. Thereafter, everything stays on the 28th.

Note that the option is not to schedule on the last day of the month. The option is whether to schedule weekly or monthly. The date you enter is defined as the date for the next transaction, not the day of the month for all following transactions.

I have a question for you, @abdulbari. Have you noticed this behavior on real-life recurring transactions, for which the next date comes up as the calendar normally progresses? Or have you only entered test recurring transactions with dates in the past for the next transaction date, forcing the program to generate a string of recurring transactions all at once? I don’t know, but the behavior might be different.

reccuring transcation should be repeated every month at the same date stated. and the program should be able to know this behaivor.

In my case, I do make reccuring payslip and I need it to be at the last day of the month. then I tried the same for all the reccuring transaction. I found it the same. and to prove that the same issue was found in the all reccuring transaction. I made it in other reccuring like purchase invoice, sales invoice. journal voucher…

I will give you one example why I though it is a bug. if you are have on invoice or payslip to be issued every month at date 16 then the system was able to do it every month at the same date. the same behavior from the system should be acting for other dates.

anyhow what I understood from recurring transaction is to repeated the entry as a known date whihch is worked without any issues. but if I want to issue reccuring entry at the end of every month then the system should choose the last day of the month or at least should state date 31 in every month end with date 31. this is the result why I though it is bug

trully, I didn’t understand you question. but I think the above might reply may have an answer to your question. I need to create payslibs, some of the sales invoice and journal voucher to be accuring at the end day of the month. I was facing this issue since last year with payslip, since I didn’t find any subject having the same doubt I though it will be better to post it in the fourm with testing the same in all reccuring entry.

can you please let me know if is it possible to issue reccuring entry at the end of every month

I understand what you expected, @abdulbari. I was just telling you that is not the way Manager was designed. This behavior is not a bug, because it does what was programmed and produces exactly the results intended by the programming.

You might not like the way it is programmed. Someone could certainly conceive of more sophisticated scheduling options. But it is not a bug.

That answers my question. I was trying to ask if the behavior you do not like had occurred in normal operations, as time went by, or only in artificial test cases, where dates from long ago were entered as the next date for the recurring transaction. I wondered if there might be a difference in behavior. Apparently, there is not.

Since you now understand how the program functions, maybe you could change your payslip schedule to the first day of the month. That would always remain consistent.

There is a simple practice that requires the payslips to be generated at the end of each month.

I am facing the same challenge and while the answer here does explain why current behaviour of Manager exists and it’s right in its own way but that doesn’t solve the issue.

I understand the programmatic challenge to achieve this and I have a solution which if implemented will help a lot.

The scheduling could offer one more option “Offset Days”. Now, if we schedule the payslip to be generated on 1st of every month with offset of -1, this will result into the generation of the payslip on the last date of every month.

I will be really thankful if this can be implemented.


I am glad this issue has been brought up because I have wondered what the workaround maybe. We have recurring Invoices which are due the 20th of the following month. As pointed out the only way to get the due by date consistent is to use the 1st of the month. In our case this process gives leverage to the customer where some take the liberty to pay the next following month from date of invoice leaving us waiting around 50 to 80 days before payment.

It would be great if the Invoice Date could be set independently or offset as suggested for recurring invoices as well.

@compuit, you are mixing discussion of due dates with recurring invoice dates. This topic is about when recurring transactions are generated, and the issue only arises with transactions near the end of a month, where the program adjusts monthly transactions to remain within the month. Thus, it affects only transactions where the next one is originally set up for the 29th, 30th, or 31st.

Due dates are always set as “days after issue date,” not calendar date. Obviously, this can result in varying days of the month, depending on length of month involved.

They always can be by editing them as they are created. I understand you would like more flexibility, but you are never locked into a specific date.

Correct. I am only concerned about the cases where the payslips are to be generated at the end of the month.

Not correct. The software is smart enough to figure out the end of next month. Eg. if the previous date was 31st Jan, adding 30 days would result into 2nd March. But software is able to fix it to 28th.

I suggesting adding a new column/field called “Offset”. Using this new field will allow handling end of the month cases by using a -1 value with set date of 1st of each month.

Can this be done?

@shekharsom, my comment that you say is not correct was addressing the method by which due dates are set for recurring purchase or sales invoices. The only option is as shown below:


Whether the software could be modified to determine the end of the next month is not relevant to @compuit’s case, where invoices are due on the 20th. My comment was only explaining why due dates can vary under the present program design. I was answering @compuit. I was not addressing your suggestion.

I don’t know if it can be done or not. But I doubt it will be. Based on experience with other aspects of the program, I believe the developer would favor incorporating improved options into the existing interval fields rather than adding another field. But that is up to him, if he decides to do anything.

In principle the issue is exactly the same whether it is a recurring payslip or invoice. I am am seeking a solution for Invoices to be scheduled / generated on the last day of a particular month and likewise abdulbari and shekharsom are seeking payslips to be scheduled / generated on the last day of a particular month.

You asked about due dates on the 20th. And that is not the same question as issue dates for recurring transactions.

Tut I appreciate you are busy and am sorry you could not workout that my comments were targeting a reoccurring / scheduling issue for invoices. The thing about the 20th is the background and explanation why the recurring setup date for month is not as consistent as it could be if you do not use for example the first day of the month. In a similar way the reoccurring / scheduling issue raised here by abdulbari spills over and applies to reoccurring sales invoices as well.


So we are back to my earlier comment that this is only an issue for dates on the 29th, 30th, or 31st. I understand you wish it were more flexible. So do I.

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Sorry to bump this old thread back to life, but I have had same “troubles” with last days of the month recurring payments, payslips and invoices.

I switched to manager as it is very intuitive and great software. Many things I automated and saved a lot of time. Now with 100 employees I have to edit 100 payslips and spend half hour each month just for this, that should be seamless to implement.

I know it’s always a matter of priorities as you have limited resources to work on features, but please consider adding this option. Last day of a month is often used in accounting.


100 employees must be near where it would be more efficient to invest in a payroll package and just enter the totals into Manager.

Although if you only spend 30 minutes a month to prepare and print 100 payslips, well done!

The issue is how Manager handles a recurring monthly event when the day requested is greater than that month contains.

  • For example the user specifies Monthly on 31 Jan.

  • A month later is 31 February

  • But the closest the software can get in February is 29 Feb (in leap years) so that is the best compromise between what the user specified an what is achievable in that month. This is a compromise the software made not the user specified though. (The 2 March is another valid compromise given the user request).

  • The next month has 31 day. Manager could abide by the users request and schedule the next event for the 31 March instead of accumulating the software’s compromise.

A way of implementing it would be to allow specification of day 1-31 in any month when a monthly schedule specified, retain the specification but trigger the event on the last day of the month for shorter months.

In my opinion what Manager is doing is not wrong (it is not a bug), but Manager would be better if it retained the users specification, so it could be an idea. I don’t actually need the feature but clearly some other users would value it.

Actually possibly an better implementation option is to add a “Monthly end” option where Manager maintains the days from the end of the month, instead of the start of the month.