No support for languages other than English

No support for languages ​​other than English
According to Tut comment, the manager’s program does not support languages ​​other than English. In the case of going into the work for a long time, entering items, issuing invoices, etc., and relying on the manager in the accounting work, we will face problems because the technical support is not able to solve the problem because of the language, as it does not support other than English.
If you work in French, Spanish, Hindi or Pakistani… the manager does not support those languages
But if you are facing another problem, you will accept not to solve the problem if it is related to an accounting issue, and the time period and the effort expended for that period in which you entered data from items, invoices and accounting entries will be lost, and you will work again on other programs

Manager is not able to translate your data into another language.

When you specify that unit name for your inventory item is XYZ. Then this unit name will show regardless of your language. Just like your item names or descriptions are not translated when switching between languages.

Manager does support all languages the same it supports English.

When you change language, it translates all the terms that are built-in into the program. It won’t translate your item names, unit names, item descriptions etc.

Do you need it to translate everything? What is your use-case?

The number surrounding the green color is the item number
Why does it appear next to the item name in the item column after recent updates? This has nothing to do with the language, but rather an error

The item number The item name appears together inside one of the columns and the item number column has been cancelled
… In other words, the inventory item number was merged with the item name, then the item number column was canceled

@Alwakee the answer by @Tut that there are already many discussions on the forum about the item name behaviour was correct and the forum rules at FAQ - Manager Forum advise:

  • Don’t cross-post the same question or comment in multiple topics.

As such you’re advised to search the forum and put your posts related to this in one of these ongoing discussions be it that explanations have been given and I am not convinced this behaviour may revert to the old system. Note that the data entry screens and therefore bulk update and create keep them separate. The display just improves the screen and paper real estate usage without losing any of the information.

That is not correct, @alwakeel. I never said that. I told you the column label remaining in a foreign language when you shifted to English was due to all your unit names being the same and in a non-English language. This is the same answer the developer provided in more detail.

Manager’s translation behavior is fully described in the Guide: Set language | Manager.

When navigating between languages and returning to the language in which the invoice was entered, the item number and item name will remain merged into one line within the columns and rows.
Please note that the number 1000121 and the number 1000206 are the item numbers and not within the item name
How do you explain that and how can it be handled by referring to the correct and proper situation
Attached are screenshots of the original language of the input

@Alwakee you do not seem to read the messages concerning this. This has changed for better screen real estate. All necessary information is displayed. You want an extra column for the number but as mentioned this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum after @Lubos made the change to concatenate the item number and the item name as displayed.

Mr. eko

And how did the name of the element and the element number move in the use of version No. to the ladder mode with the start of use of the new version
As for everything that was done during the previous years, it goes with the wind as if nothing happened
Clarification attached. Now the situation appears normal without merging with the start of work on the new version. As for those who have worked for many years, they must go to other programs before drowning in the loss of funds for their projects

I do not understand your message. It is as it is, check the forum.

When the manager challenged the inventory data, there were clients working on the previous versions and they entered their data according to the manager’s instructions and the matter remained stable until the idea of developing the inventory data came and the manager made the version without realizing the past years of entries, and the result was
Merge the class column and class name into one line but the manager has the ability to separate the twins from each other
This can be seen from the previous pictures, and we hope that the matter and clarification will not be ignored

I disagree. Manager does not loose data but it does progress with new ways of doing things like any software. Your generic feedback is not helping with the specific case you raised and for which answers have been provided. Indeed maybe you are frustrated but this is the way forward and sometimes if persons do not like it they can consider another software that may be more suitable. I also have frustrations but in general keep going with Manager as the way forward is pretty clear.