Languages UI change & the uncategorized accounts

Hi everyone
I have two issues
1 i was working on an Arabic interface then i decided to change to an English one, but the accounts names stay as they were in arabic
I don’t know why?

2 as an example , in the non inventory tab , I added an item , but the accounts are not categorized by ;;expenses;;incomes;;
So as you can see in the picture above, my accounts are not numbered
It’s difficult to determine which accounts are expenses and which are incomes

When language preferences are changed, only predefined terms contained in a lookup table are modified. Manager does not have a live translation capability. For complete information, read the Guide: Set language | Manager.

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But the accounts in the pictures were in english when I opened the program first time

Then I changed the language to the Arabic

But after a while I decided to work on English interface
But the accounts stayed in Arabic
Although they’re the original ones , what I meant i didn’t changed the original names
So I supposed that they are belong the program intern-dictionary
So that I didn’t understand the issue

You have completely separate issues here:

  • When you were working in Arabic, you may have made entries in your chart of accounts in Arabic. Those entries are not in the translation table. They will remain in Arabic when you switch your preference to English.
  • Default account names that are present when you first set up the program are exceptions. Because they are known, they will be translated the first time. But they are not translated back. Read the second Note in the link I sent.
  • Your also raised a question about categorization of non-inventory items as expenses or income. Non-inventory items are not categorized that way. They are assigned to accounts. Only the accounts are assigned to groups.
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This is another issue about the UI

I wasn’t talking about the items but about the accounts
I meant thant the accounts are not grouped
So it’s difficult -if you have a lot of accounts- to determine the right one
Thanks a lot for responding

Why is this an issue? When setting up non-inventory items, only those accounts that make sense are shown, regardless of their group or whether they are balance sheet or profit and loss accounts. You should not have two accounts with the same name. Just type the name into the field and the program will find it.

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Imagine that I’m a lawyer
I give advices in law and get paid (income)
And sometimes I take advices in law from other lawyers and i pay (expenses)
How i make a difference between the two accounts to assign it to my item

I know you will say that ;;you should rename the accounts like e.g -law advices in- and-law advices out-

But I talk about grouping the accounts to incomes and expenses as they’re shown in profit and loss statement

Yes, that is exactly what I will say. The reason is that account names will appear in many places in the program, including in reports. If you duplicate names, you have the risk of confusing them every time one appears. It is simply good practice to have unique names.

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Thanks a lot