Good Day

The software is very good but we live in Arabic country we need to have a part or add Arabic language to the same application and also other languages to work easy

Thank you

Change your language according to this Guide:

Arabic is mostly translated:

To join the translation team, click on Translation Progress in the language preferences pane:

Then click:

but i want two languages in the same application page

Why do you need that? What are you trying to achieve?

in my country the companies when they work with application they need a Arabic language with English language so that will be easy for them to follow the record

Can you show screenshot of some program which shows its interface in both languages? I can’t really picture what you are asking Manager to do.

i don’t have a application program right now but i will show you how the textbox will be in English and the next textbox can be another language add two textbox and labels in the same page with different languages, and also there an extra system you can add to Manager is the API this API can work with other application

Can’t you just switch between the two

The record must be with the same record ID so the searching can not be hard as for police investigation

how can have different language per each user?

You cannot currently.