No "spend money" in payslip

When I click the “VIEW” button in the PAYSLIP section I can not find “SPEND MONEY” so it will deduct from the bank from where the payments were made.

Is this a fault or is there something else I should do?

There is New Payment button instead which has identical function. It will create payment under Receipts & Payment tab.

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I really can not find it

The only way it wouldn’t show is if you’d create a payslip without selecting an employee.

I created an employee and I selected an employee actually. All I see are “edit” “clone” “print” and “email”. All I want to do is to deduct the amount from the bank account so it will correspond with what is in bank.

I really need help here!

I can’t see how this could be the case. If you like, you can send me your backup file to You might also try to create test business if you can demonstrate the issue there.

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I have sent you the backup. Will be waiting for your reply!

@Chawx in version 18.8.70 the term now called ‘new payment’ not ‘spend money’.

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In your backup file, I can’t reproduce the issue. I can see New Payment button. What version are you using?

I am using Manager 15.4.31

Thanks a bunch I have upgraded it to 18.8.80
Thanks for your help.