Spend Money for Payslip Fails

I prepared a Payslip and as expected, the net value goes to Employee clearing account.

And then when view the Payslip, I click Spend money, what I expect is I can choose the payment account (e.g. Savings) to do the payment to clear the Employee clearing account. However, when I do so, the page just blink and show the following page for less than a second:

Then it goes to the following page:

And the drop down menu of Paid from has nothing to show.

So is there anything wrong for my Spend money action?

Many thanks!

It sounds like you are doing things correctly. What edition are you using? (Desktop, server, or cloud) And what version under About Manager?

Also, just to be sure, do you actually have the Savings account or some other cash account listed under the Cash Accounts tab?

@Tut I installed the version 17.7.80 (Server, running on CentOS), and I do have Savings account:

But I don’t have a Cash account. Because in fact, I will not use Cash to pay the salary, but using the Savings account in the bank to do it automatically.

What makes me feel strange is that the desired page with correct contents do appear for a very small moment but just disappear very soon as I describe previously in the topic.

Aside from this issue, other part of the payslip goes well, including the deduction and contribution part.

It appears that you didn’t set up your Savings account under the Cash Accounts tab

If you did you would see

And then this for Receive Money 0 Cash Acct - Rec In

And this for Spend Money 0 Cash Acct - Paid Fr

Thanks @Brucanna. You are right, previously I created a account call “Cash” under Asset which is not right. The correct way is what you said, create the account under Cash Account.