Expense Claims - cannot find Spend Money option


I am attempting to record expenses made by employee (me) personal credit card, and reimburse him. The Guide says

Expense claims is only used to record the expense. If a reimbursement to the payer is required after the expense has been recorded, go to Spend Money under the bank accounts …

But I cant find Spend Money option to get the money out from the business bank account to reimburse the expense?

I have tried using the Payer as both Employee and Expense Claim Payer and neither seem to make a difference.


Stop Looking!

Under Bank Accounts, click the balance under column "statement Balance"
and there are several options
Receive Money, Spend Money, Transfer Money and Import Bank Statement



There is no “Statement Balance” that I can see on Bank Account. When I click on Bank Account, the only option I can see is Create Account. After I create account, I cannot see other options such as Receive Money, Spend Money, Transfer Money and Import Bank Statement.

Please help!



goto bank account > click on blue number or blue “-” beside your bank account

then you can see receive money , spend money , transfer money


Is it possible to show me a printscreen? Or may I know what version are you using?


@achieverone, read the Guides beginning at, plus the subsidiary pages. If you don’t see what is described, you are several hundred versions out of date. The current scheme was adopted at about version 15.1.60 last April. Manager is now at version 15.5.18.


My software version is: 15.4.99. Does anyone know where is the link where I can download the update version? Thanks!


Thanks everyone! I tried to reinstall the software to upgrade and I was able to figure out the Statement Balance.