Missing "Pay money to supplier" button

When viewing a Purchase Invoice, “Pay money to supplier” button is missing in version 14.4.19. Is there any way to get it back? There dosent seem to be an easy way to pay a purchase invoice. Using Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks.

It’s still there, the button is now called Spend money but it works the same.

I saw that, however it does not work. It won’t let me choose accounts payable or any other account to pay from.

How do you pay your suppliers? Do you pay them out of your dedicated business bank account?

In the previous version of Manager I would just hit Pay money to supplier, choose Accounts payable from the Pay from section, enter the amount and finish the transaction and all was well. In this version I hit view Purchase invoice, spend money and the only thing it shows in pay from is Suspense. No other accounts show up. Typing Accounts payable or any other account in the space provided will not show up and pushing the next button (or forward, I don’t remember what its called) dose nothing. It wont move to the next page and complete the transaction. However If I just use the Journal Entry section instead of going to Purchase invoice and view, I can pay from Accounts payable.

I just noticed I can not Receive money from customer in sales invoice either. It dose the same thing. Received in shows only Suspense and pressing the “Next” button dose nothing. Just stays on the same page. If I uninstall the latest version of Manager and install and older version, everything works as it should.

Right now, only bank accounts or cash accounts will show in drop-down. If nothing shows up, it means you have no bank accounts or cash accounts created.

That’s why I was asking how do pay your suppliers, whether you pay them out of dedicated business bank account or through some other method to see what would be the best way for you to handle this.

OK. Makes sense. Thank you. Can you give me a quick tutorial on setting up a cash account in Manager? Thanks for all your help.

Never mind. I figured it out, and it works perfectly. Thank you for your help. This is a great program. The Linux community has needed a program like this for a long time. Thank you.