Spend money on payslip

Hi . I have looked but don’t find how.
when I pay a pay slip in part or full it does not show that I have paid the pay slip like it shows on a purchase invoice.

Can anyone help?

I created a test Payslip, after setting up payslip items in Settings.

Now, I have a ‘Spend money’ button above the Payslip:

After spending money from my bank using that button, it shows up in my Cash Account as a deduction:

Oh, wait, I just realised what you are saying. You are looking for this type of marker:


I can confirm that I do not get this either.

However, if I go to the Employee tab, I see that there is nothing outstanding:

And if I click on the blue amount link, I can see that it was paid to that employee:

This link mentions that many people use external payroll processing services instead, and Manager is only used to record the payment at a high level (see Notes at the end):


That is because you do not “pay a payslip” in Manager. The concept is different from sales and purchase invoices. A payslip is simply a method for entering payslip items (earnings, deductions, and contributions) and assigning them to the employee’s subsidiary ledger in Employee clearing account. When you pay, you aren’t paying off the payslip, you are debiting the Employee clearing account, which might have amounts in it from other types of transactions, too.

Well then i highly recommend that the payslip should some how set it that would show that the payslip is paid . Maybe with a tick box option . I mean that would help many and it should not take long to add that feature.

Click on the balance of Employee clearing account in the Summary. You will see a list of any employees you owe money to. If an employee’s payslips, expense claims, and any other items you owed them for have been paid, the employee will not appear in the list.