No invoice attachment sent with email


Hi when I send a email to a customer there is no invoice attached ?
Thanks Gary


I also have this problem. The email is completely empty and no attachment. That’s without selecting the Tracking option and using Google SMTP.

Also this error appears sometimes: Buffer cannot be null.
Parameter name: buffer


I emailed a statement to myself (another account) as a test yesterday and it worked. However, when I sent a statement to a customer it couldn’t be downloaded from the email. Don’t use this function much but would like to know it works when we need it. Anybody else having problems?


This issue has been now resolved. Obviously it should never happen that email is sent without attachment. That was a bug and it has been fixed in the latest version 14.6.14


Thanks for the fast reply and resolution.


How do I upgrade from Manager 14.3.44?


Upgrade the same way you originally installed Manager. Just download and install. The old version will be replaced or retained according to your selection during the process. Don’t do anything with the data files. The new version will use the same data.