New tracking option when sending emails

For those who are sending emails to customers and suppliers from Manager, I know email deliverability is very important to you so the latest version (14.5.11) is now able to track whether your emails sent from Manager have been actually viewed by recipients.

When sending email, check the option Tracking enabled (you can go to Email settings to make this option checked by default)

All sent emails will be added to new tab called Emails. This will allow you review past emails that have been sent.

If tracking is enabled, you will be also able to see status of each email (“Not viewed” or “Viewed - date/time”). See example:

Since the new version where email tracking is enabled, invoices are not directly attached to the email anymore but must be downloaded from However, clicking on the “Download” button in the email only opens a browser window without doing anything. Currently clients are not able to receive the invoices.
When sending the email without “Tracking enabled” the email is not sent at all but an error is thrown:

Buffer cannot be null. Parameter name: buffer

Please investigate.
Thanks for the great feature though!

Same here. The downloaded pdf file is 0 bytes.

Please try again. I’m working towards making the back-end system more resilient by removing all single points of failure.

When tracking is enabled, PDF document will not be in attachment but a link to the document will be sent. This is unfortunately the only reliable way to track whether attachment was open or not by putting it behind the “wall”.

You might not use it for all emails and by default it’s disabled, it is just another feature in a toolbox I’m looking to improve in upcoming days/weeks.

Thanks for the speedy response. Now its working perfectly.

Cool feature but is this “wall” encrypted to only allow the recipients to see quotes/invoices from the DOWNLOAD link.

The link is unguessable (there are 2128 = 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possibilities). You can think of the link as extremely secure password.

The download itself is through encrypted protocol but it doesn’t really matter. Emails are generally sent over the Internet using unencrypted protocols as plain text so whether you send email with attachment or email with link, both options are equally secure/insecure as far as man-in-the-middle attacks go.


I have the latest Linux deb download of Manager - I have checked enable tracking in email settings = my mails are not being received by my clients although the mail tracking dialod says mail sent ??

Email tracking feature is to really help you make sure your emails are being received by customers. If they are not, you can follow up with them to avoid misunderstandings.

Email deliverability is complicated subject. I generally recommend users to use custom SMTP server. The problem is if people change default From email address from to say without custom SMTP server, some aggressive spam filters might not let your emails go through.

So as you can see, just because email is sent, it’s not 100% guarantee it has been received. I’m planning some improvements which will give more feedback whether email has been actually received after sending, this should improve things a lot.

Thank you for your feedback - strangely, your system was working just fine before the version upgrade, although there was no tracking, all my clients were receiving their invoices. I’m using SMTP with the noreply option. Obviously it’s a glitch in the software (a breakdown in the program element that activates or connects with the outgoing mail server)

Wait a second, are you using custom SMTP server?

The penny has dropped, I feel like jumping up and biting myself on the forehead - I have unchecked the custon smtp and ran a test and guess what, it works - mail is going through and the email report reads viewed. I’m very happy now and my cinfidence in Manager has returned two fold. It is the best around (and it’s free) Thanks

I downloaded what was supposed to be v. 14.6.20 because I wanted to track emails. The version that I downloaded from your website says V1.0.0 when I look at the info on my Macintosh. It does not have a tracking button or email settings. Am I getting the wrong version?

I forgot to mention that I am running Max OSX10.9.2.

Is his function no longer working as I can’t find Tracking Enabled anywhere!!!

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