Error when trying to email invoice

I’m trying to email an invoice but when I view the invoice and click ‘email’ it says ‘error’ (no other description).

This function currently works in Cloud Storage only. I will fix this in a few days for Local Storage users.

When will the email thing be ready?

Next week. There is an entry on uservoice for this, see


This software and the service rocks!

This issue has been resolved in the latest version.

I just downloaded the manager 14.1.9 and I can’t email invoices as it still gives me an ‘error’ message. what do I do as you said its been resolved in the new update.

It’s definitely working but keep in mind, this feature obviously requires Internet connection. There are some other possibilities why it doesn’t work for you.

I will improve email function so if it doesn’t work, it will give you specific error message so we know what’s up.

Thank you very much. The email of invoices is ok now.

Good day,

I just updated the Manager on my desktop and anytime I try to send a sales invoice to customers I get the error message - Unable to connect to the remote server. Please what is responsible for this?

You need to be online if you want to send emails. Also, are you using custom SMTP server or not?