Email FROM address default

is there any way to change the from address when emailing invoices/quotes to my own rather then Would love to see a bcc field also! Great software, love your work.

I’ve added into the latest version (14.1.7) option to set default From email address. When you upgrade, go to Settings tab, then Email Settings

manager is saying I am on the latest version 13.11.5073.14603 but there is no email settings tab in settings.

Download the latest version manually from

can I not upgrade straight from the software? Will I lose any data if I download new version?

I have upgraded and seemed ok. Just went to send an invoice, and proceeded to send a copy to myself. the invoices do not appear to be emailing on the new version. any tips?

Sent to customer then sent to myself. never received copy to myself so I assume customer didn’t either.

We don’t retain logs of sent emails for privacy and security reasons but the email function seems to be working. I did the test and no problems. Could you check your spam folder or try different email address?