Internal error when trying to send email

Have just started using manager and getting internal server error ( error 1 ) when sending invoice. I have already sent 10 invoices before this started

Have you uploaded a business logo under Settings? If you did, make sure the logo is no more than 500 kB.

Manager will refuse to send email if the PDF attachment is over 1 MB due to resolution of the logo. You can send your logo to and we can reduce the resolution/size for you.

OK, have tried smaller logo and has worked. Thank you.

I have a problem sending invoices. I have used the system before and did not have this error message. Please assist because I have not made any changes and I am not sure what to fill.

Buffer cannot be null. Parameter name: buffer

I haven’t seen this specific issue yet. What version are you using? Can you upgrade to the latest from ?

If it doesn’t help, send your accounting file to and we will try to reproduce the bug.