Newest Update 14.6.41 running slow

I just updated to the newest version on Ubuntu 14.04. Now it runs very slow and/or freezes up, even effecting operating system. I tried to reinstall on older version on Ubuntu software package but it didn’t reinstall (unmet dependencies).

Just inquistive WindowDynamics - Is this issue with the desktop or server version of Manager?

Have a look under Settings tab, then Start Date and make sure start date is set to date when you started to use Manager to enter day-to-day transactions.

This will fix performance issue you are experiencing.

Desktop version

Thank you, that seems to have helped. I had set the start date to 1/1/14 originally becasue I’m trying to back enter all my accounts for this year, But I really started 6/1/14. Will that effect my ability to enter in the previous 6 month of accounting data?

Make sure it’s set to 1/1/2014, not 1/1/14